Data Driven Solutions

Our vast digital media network allows us access to real time web data to broaden insights from analytics, optimise for search and social algorithms, and refine online targeting through AI powered channels.


Data is the fuel for business growth

“Data is the new oil” and our in-house network is a constant data source of consumer searches and market trends. Our data-driven solutions can impact various processes within your organisation to ultimately increase ROI and propel buiness growth.


Generate targeted web leads


Identify future growth areas


Reduce market research spend


With large historical data sets and diverse online data sources, we bring a new dimension to organisational insights from analytics beyond your in-house data.


Our data-driven insight facilitates optimisation of search engine and social media algorithms to improve your digital visibility and online market reach.

Artificial Intelligence

Search and social media are now increasingly driven by A.I. which depends on the ‘right’ seed data in order to learn and optimise for your campaigns.

Our Clients

Some of our clients include South Africa’s leading medical schemes, insurers, brokerages and digital media agencies.


The largest digital media network in the South African financial services industry

With over 70 active South African websites and 200 domains in our network, we are constatly sourcing web and targeting data to assist you with your business growth. Our broad organic and sponsored reach in the South African financial services market can assist your brand in efficiently reaching your target audience.


Online market trends


Search and social leads


Consumer search data

Custom Solutions for Unique Brands

Every business is unique and we customise our data-driven growth solutions for your individual needs. Speak to our sales team about your specific requirements.

About Us

Our network was founded in 2013 with the acquisition of the Mediscion network of medical websites. With medical aid schemes being our primary clients at the time, we subsequently grew our digital footprint in the short- and long-term isurance space. In 2019, we rebranded and Adjacent Digital was born. Today we provide a range of data-driven services to some of South Africa’s leading financial service providers and healthcare brands.

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Adjacent Digital is a subsidiary of the Resivient Group. We are a 100% South African owned Level 1 B-BBEE registered company incorporated in 2017.


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