The Adjacent Digital Network was established with the acquisition and amalgamation of over 40 South African websites and its associated social media profiles. The collective analytics and diverse audience across our network allows us access to large data sets and an extensive online reach. We are able to assist clients in better understanding the online behaviour of consumers and in creating targeted solutions for reach, engagement and conversions.

As a subsidiary of Resivient Media Holdings (Pty) Ltd, our goal is to establish and grow revenue streams for our network. We opted to explore beyond online advertising for monetizing our network. By assisting businesses, marketers and even researchers, we have been able to extend into a range of datacentric services around a digital audience. We still remain a digital publisher at our core.

The Adjacent Digital Network works in conjunction with Mediscion Consulting, another subsidiary of Resivient Media Holdings. Mediscion assists medical aids, insurers and other businesses in the medical industry to reach the private healthcare consumer online. This is a primarily LSM 6+ audience and we are able to cross-market a range of non-medical products and services to a segment with the desired affordability.

Today the Adjacent Digital Network manages all digital properties under the Resivient Media banner. We are constantly growing and segmenting our audience to ensure that your campaign delivery is targeted, launched in the shortest time possible and effective in achieving the desired goals.