Mediscion South Africa, now part of Adjacent Digital, specialises in web development, search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing for the South African medical industry. We have been servicing medical schemes, health insurers and healthcare providers since 2013 and established ourselves as a premium supplier of medical web leads.

Founded by a South African healthcare professional, Medisicion focuses on the human element of the internet. We believe that there is more to the online health sector than the bits and bytes of the internet. It is about people and patients rather than just consumers. This gives us an edge beyond just web development and digital marketing. We are able to understand the healthcare consumer from a healthcare perspective for a higher ROI.

Mediscion owns and operates over 20 South African medical websites and manages various digital properties for clients. Our goal is to educate the South African consumer about healthcare while assisting our clients to achieve their digital business and brand goals. In 2020, we merged with our non-medical division, Adjacent Digital, to operate under one banner.

We are the market leader in real-time MEDICAL WEB LEADS

The internet has added a new dimension to healthcare accessibility, perceptions and purchase behaviour. Like healthcare consumers across the globe, social media and search engines influence the purchasing decisions of South Africans. This can present a host of complexities for industry players to achieve their web development and online marketing goals.

By merging diverse skills in medicine and web analytics, we offer the South African healthcare industry unique insights into healthcare consumers and their online behaviour. Our extensive network of South African health/medical websites and social media properties allows us to access large data sets and market segments to assist the industry with market-relevant online solutions.


With 24 million South African online users, the internet offers unique opportunities for the healthcare industry.
We can help you achieve your online goals.

Targeted Online Solutions

Optimise your website and social media channels to maximise reach, engagement and conversions.

Detailed Analytics Reporting

Extract valuable and practical information from your website analytics and social media insights.

Real Time Lead Generation

Generate leads and conduct market research via our network of 20 South African medical websites.

Social Media Segmentation

Reach specific market segments through our network of social media channels with a South African audience.